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Welcome to Schuylerville NY Forward!

The NY Forward process, led by the New York Department of State, has awarded the Village $4.5M to develop a Strategic Investment Plan and implement key catalytic projects that advance the community's vision for revitalization.


Photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel

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Revitalize Downtown Schuylerville

Schuylerville is a historic village situated in Saratoga County, along the banks of the Hudson River. Known for its rich Revolutionary War heritage, Schuylerville is the site of the pivotal Battle of Saratoga, often regarded as the turning point in the American Revolution. The Village boasts a charming blend of historical landmarks, such as the Saratoga Monument and the Schuyler House, alongside picturesque natural scenery. It's small-town atmosphere is complemented by local shops, cozy restaurants, and annual events that celebrate its colonial past.

The Village is experiencing a renaissance. In the last decade, millions of dollars in private and public investments were made in the Hudson Crossing Park, Empire State Trail, a new visitor center, and a new monument at the very site where British General Burgoyne surrendered his sword to American revolutionaries in 1777. Forward-looking, intentional planning efforts have laid the groundwork for revitalization of downtown. These have been supported by a broad coalition of lifelong residents, village elected leaders, and new transplants across the demographic and economic spectrum that have brought a renewed spirit of collaboration.

Schuylerville NY Forward Boundary

As part of the NY Forward application process, Schuylerville identified the boundary of the downtown area where it proposes to focus its planning efforts. Slight modifications  may be made to the boundary during the planning process, subject to State approval.


May 29, 202412-2pmSaratoga Town

Identification and Development of Priority Projects

NYF Strategic Investment Plan

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